Productivity without compromises

Gear Grinding Machine RZ 60

If the demand for gears and lot sizes increase so much that productivity is the highest priority, the RZ 60 is the perfect choice. This machine is designed for production of precise and quiet planetary gears in automotive transmissions - as well as for mass productions of other small gears.

100 m/s - a Technological Leap

With the RZ 60, Reishauer presents a unique and trend-setting high speed technology. An increased maximum grinding speed of 100 m/s allows an increase in productivity more reliably than with high feed rates or number of starts - of course without modifying the micro or macro geometry of the gears or causing any grinding burn. The internationally well-respected GS Certificate for the machine as well as for the grinding wheels made by Reishauer assure the required safety in industrial practice.

10 seconds - Faster than Everything Else

The RZ 60 adapts the basic set-up of the RZ 160 and always geatues a two-workspindle design. Two extremly quick meshing sensors are respnsible for the precise synchronization of grinding wheel and gear. But above all, the architecture of the control unit as well as highly sophisticated software cycles abstaining from all kind of ballast needed for universal gear grinding machines allow for the unique performance of the machine.

In perfect interaction of serveral NC units with Reishauer PrecisionDrive, all procedures are parallelized in order to eliminate secondary times almost completely. This way,  een at minimum cycle times of 10 seconds, there is time for spinning of the oil inside the machine. Large grinding wheel width in combination with multiple-rip full profile rolls minimize the share of dressing times.