Superiority in extreme ranges

Gear Grinding Machine RZ 1000

The CNC gear grinding machine RZ 1000 has been specifically designed for the high performance generating grinding of large diameter gears.

The RZ 1000 replaces all previous models in this range and possesses enhanced software, which generates machine data parameters that are adapted to the gear being ground.

The RZ 1000 provides highest productivity and flexibility for the entire variety of parts and meets all demands for quick, flexible setup and short changeover time.

A very fast and highly precise generating module in conjunction with a flexible control are the precondition for the perfectly controlled generating grinding process ensuring qualitative and economically optimum results. Due to its versatile configurable concept, the SIEMENS 840D CNC controls affords a comfortable platform for the integration of the REISHAUER solution for the electronic gearbox as well as the REISHAUER operator interface and technology software.

RZ 1000