Privacy Policy

If the possibility exists to enter personal or business data (name, address, e-mail) within the website, the disclosure this data on the part of the user takes place explicitly voluntarily. Your personal data will be stored and handled according to the Swiss data privacy regulations. The data collection and data storage can be reversed any time with effect for the future.

Privacy Policy

Reishauer AG takes your data security issues seriously and informs you when your data is used and exactly what is done with it.
In the course of further developments of our web pages and the implementation of new technologies changes to this data protection declaration can be necessary. Due to this we recommend you to read this declaration again once a while.

On access of our internet offer only a small amount of data is collected. Merely to optimize our content and technical structure data (Name of the page called up, number of pages called, average number of pages calls by visits, name of entry and exit pages, IP Address of the host system, browser version of the host, operating system version of the host) is collected. In this case the data is saved in a protocol file and only evaluated in a system internal manner for statistical use.

Links to Internet Pages of other Providers

Our online offer holds links to internet pages of other providers. We have no influence on these providers if they keep the conditions of our data protection declaration or not.