Quality - the basic essentials

Great importance is attached to the quality awareness of the employees. Ultimately only measured, irrefutable inspection results count.

Quality Management System ISO 9001

Our ISO 9001 verified "quality management" proves, that we take the word "quality", an often misused term, seriously:

To assure our well-known quality, Reishauer continuously invests considerable resources in the most up-to-date measuring equipment and employs an experienced crew of inspectors and QA engineers.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001

Reishauer not only guarantees high quality and extremely efficient products, but also a careful interaction with the environment, which is proven in many aspects by the following measures:

Measures in design

  • Design of easy to disassemble components
  • Environmentally friendly product planning (design, packing, transport, application, disposal)
  • Application of environmentally safe materials
  • Closed circuits for grinding, coolant and lubrication oils when ever possible


Measures in manufacturing

  • Modern exhaust filter units for dust or mist producing manufacturing processes
  • Responsible use of energy during the production of components
  • Application of environmentally friendly cleaning and auxiliary solvents


Company internal measures

  • Assessment, monitoring and prevention of environmental interference during the manufacturing process
  • Savings through energy, raw material and waste management
  • Environmentally sound choice of manufacturing processes
  • Employee education in environmental issues